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12 things to tell our daughters before 13

If I had a daughter -- I would for sure share these with her. I'm lucky to have had a Mom who told me all these things. 12 Things to tell Your daughter before made me think of my mom and what a great head start in life she gave me :o)

The Whole-Brain Child: 12 Revolutionary Strategies to Nurture Your Child's Developing Mind

The Whole-Brain Child: 12 Revolutionary Strategies to Nurture Your Child's Developing Mind (Paperback)

28022 Your toddler throws a tantrum in the middle of a store. Your preschooler refuses to get dressed. Your fifth-grader sulks on the bench instead of playing on the field. Do children con

Mother-daughter bucket list

Mother-Daughter Bucket List

Mother-Daughter Bucket List and has links to other Bucket lists like Mother-Son, Father-Daughter.things to start doing immediately (proud to say we've already done a few!

downloadable Birthday questionnaires for the kids (or parents) to answer each year --

FREE birthday questions printables for kids, then put each year in a little scrapbook!- cute idea for each year!

100 Things I Want to Teach My Daughter  - cool list - remove the "particular to the Author who is from South Africa" points and it is perfect!

100 Things I Want to Teach My Daughter- all girls should read this list no matter how old. I want to make a list of my own for the daughter I will have one day. A good read for any woman.

Preschool Activity Ideas | Toddler Activity Ideas | Mommy With Selective Memory: 7 Lessons Your Daughter Needs You to Teach Her

7 Lessons Your Daughter Needs You to Teach Her; OR, What I can teach my daughter so she doesn't grow up to be a back-talking, sassy teen-ager. Great reminder for the pre teen too!

15 Things to Teach Your Daughter Before She Turns 18.  Some in here I'm not sure I would tell my daughter -- however, #1, #6, #12 are great and the best is #15 - "Boys are the gravy, not the mashed potatoes"!!

15 things to teach your daughter

15 Things Girls Should Know Before They Turn 18 - love this for my ladies. "Boys are gravy, not the mashed potatoes!

Piece Of My Heart Necklace...Adorable Mother-daughter necklace. I've been looking for something like this!!

Piece Of My Heart Necklace.Adorable Mother-daughter necklace I'd REALLY love this if they came apart. Disk for Mom and tiny heart for daughter!

I love this idea for a small scrapbook album - just 20 questions you ask your child every year on her birthday.

What is your favorite color? What is your favorite toy? What is your favorite fruit? What is your favorite tv show? What is your favorite thing to eat for lunch? What is your favorite outfit? What is your favorite game?

MUST READ POST: We live in a world that hates girls.  Too harsh? I don’t think so. Globally, did you know that more than 200 million girls in our world have been aborted or abandoned in what is being called a “gendercide?” Many who survive, face neglect, violence and most likely sex trafficking. We might feel detached from this epidemic on this side of the world, but we aren’t. The Super Bowl is the biggest day for sex trafficking in the world and most major cities.

Raising Daughters in a World That Devalues Them: 7 Things We Must Tell Them. A great article discussing the problem of immodest clothing being sold for young girls and how to talk to them about it