Drum table with drum stick legs.

Drum Furniture

drumsticks as art | open drum stick chandelier consisting of only drum sticks and a metal ...

Miranda Lambert's AIRSTREAM made by The Junk Gypsies. DRUM TABLES w Dixie Chicken table wood. Awesome!!!

peace sign/rock n roll bedroom - old drums with covers taken out - hung on wall for shelving :)

cymbal lamp | ... , green lighting, drum lights, cymbal lamps, recycled cymbal designs

Ideas For Creating Upcycled Tables, Desks and Workstations: This table was created by taking the keys of an old piano and placing them within a custom-made box, which was then attached to four repurposed table legs. By adding a glass top, the see-through surface has become a unique centerpiece as well as a functioning piece of furniture. From DIYnetwork.com

Table Lamp?

Drum room: Snare collection; signed drum heads

Teacup lights! Sorry, no instructions, but can you figure out how to make the shelf and wire the lights? It would take a ceramic drill bit to cut a hole in the tea cups. Some handyman experience required here.

Upcycled Drum Side Table Coffee Table Bedside Table Lamp Light £125

Drumstick & cymbal light

Upcycled Drum Stick Coffee Table

Drummer's mailbox. I'm obsessed with the idea of my kid playing drums. I need to hook him up with lessons.

Vintage "Sound Percussion" Snare Drum Clock

Old oil drum. New bathroom sink. Awesome lime / wood color combo!

Drum Chandelier

Guitar Table...I know so many musicians who will want one of these! #LiquidGoldSalvagedWood

I've always like this table

Drum Stick Display with many patterns and colors of customized drum sticks. Drumstick Holder hold 13 pairs -- interesting choice of number! Custom Made New, Solid Wood