Decorated Egg Weight Use a plastic egg filled with jelly beans to anchors your tablecloth; gingham ribbon is secured around the egg with hot glue and threaded through a hole that has been punched in the oilcloth.

Watergate Salad — Rich with crushed pineapple, pudding, marshmallows and whipped topping, a sweet chilled Watergate salad is always the first to go at the buffet table! You’ll want to add this recipe to your potluck menu!

Fill eggs with privileges instead of more sugar/candy.

Blueberry-dyed Easter eggs.

12 days until Easter: The Meaning of Easter explained through a dozen plastic eggs.

easter bunny napkins

HOLY Moly!!!! NO VINEGAR?! Sign me up! Kool Eggs Use Kool-Aid To Dye Your Easter Eggs Because of the citric acid already in KoolAid, this technique requires no vinegar. Not only that, but at a general cost of 5 packets for $1, KoolAid makes for an inexpensive egg dying adventure.

Easter Decoration


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Great idea for easter egg evangelism. Try it. Christian workers in East Asia do this each year. #eggEV Resurrection eggs share Christ | AsiaStories

dye-ving Dudes... Easter Craft!!!

Easter Egg Hunt- other ideas to fill eggs

Easter egg wreath.

How to get intense colors for your Easter Eggs. Love these.

Jello Easter eggs! Squeeze jello into a hole in plastic Easter eggs and then let sit in refrigerator. After, take plastic eggs apart and then you have the jello Easter eggs! So want to try this

48 Awesome Eggs Decoration Ideas For Your Easter Table

Laced Easter Eggs!

These would look great on my entry table.

EASTER: Use whisks to hold eggs for dying.. WHY AM I JUST HEARING THIS?