Glass Bottles as Garden Edging

Glass bottle garden edge- now I have something specific to do with all the wine bottles (must drink more wine!

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Red Wine Key Bottle Metal Sculpture by Moerkey on Etsy Very cool. He makes other things from keys, copper wire, pennies.

19 Garden Ornaments: Items that can used! - Diy & Decor Selections

19 Garden Ornaments: Items that can used

Love these driftwood and stained glass sculptures. Wonder if I could make such a piece for our gardens. Certainly lots of driftwood to practice on.

Water in the cup..seeds on the saucer.

I hate birds. but this is so cute! Tea cup bird feeder ~ Glue an old cup and saucer together. Water in the cup, seeds on the saucer.

wine bottle dragonfly kk

Funny whimsical garden decoration art idea, a dragonfly with glass bottles. Upcycled/Recycled/Repurposed Glass Bottle by LakeLureBeadShop

wine bottle borders.. so cool! Dang now I gotta start buying a lot of wine...ill just show this to sadie and explain ..she'll understand lol mommie isnt a drunk, she is a creative thinker

Creative Reuse: Wine Bottle Borders in the garden - guess i'll need to drink more wine ;

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Creative Glass Works Boston, Thrift store glass plates into garden flowers.