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  • Joan

    The Great Belt bridge is actually two bridges – split by the small island of Sprogø. The East Bridge, a 1,624 meter (5,328 feet) long suspension bridge crosses the deepest part of Storebælt between the island of Zealand and Sprogø. It has the third longest main span in the world. At 254 meter (833 feet) above sea level, the East Bridge’s two pylons are the highest points in Denmark. The West Bridge is a 6,611 meter (21,689 feet) long combined rail and road bridge between Sprogø and Funen.

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Detail: Multnomah Falls

the lower one is the original bridge from 300 years ago. It was superceded by the upper (wider) one a hundred years later. The newer bridge also cuts out a rather tricky incline on the approaches on either side of the gorge. The bottom bridge is the abandoned one

The bride of death for me! ..there is no way in heck you could ever get me on this bridge!!! LOL

Trift Bridge is one of the most spectacular pedestrian suspension bridges of the Alps. It is 100 meters high and 170 meters long, and is poised above the region of the Trift Glacier.

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Hamburg and its bridges: Architecture - Technology - History up til 1945. Exhibition until January 3, 2010 in the Hamburg Museum der Arbeit (Museum of Work) Hamburg's architecture is famous, but the bridges of the city are condemned to a shadowy existence, and wrongly so. Within the scope of the Architecture Summer 2009, the Museum of Work shows that the bridges are far more than just functional constructions.

Under the Bridge, Sydney Harbour, Australia - why does this look as though the bridge is about to fall over?

"Chicago's bridges ~ City of 'big shoulders' ... can be again, but need leaders with the knowledge and courage to jump-start the engine of American prosperity => entrepreneurism within an environment friendly to commerce, trade, industry, & energy production ... [CJG]"

This is how I will enter 2012: taking a scary walk on a crazy looking bridge to a place I cannot see from here.

Fehmarn Belt Bridge (Hamburg, Germany to Copenhagen, Denmark)