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class management - motivation/rewards without using candy

Great classmate behavior brainstorming chart for beginning of the year.

These cards were created for use in the classroom for students to use when they are angry, frustrated, irritated, or upset.

Cute Polka-Dot Classroom Reward Cards FREE! " this would be good when they are being extra good. Repinned by SOS Inc. Resources. Follow all our boards at for therapy resources.

All About ME FREEBIE! This is great for the FIRST week of school! so fun!

Free reward ideas!! Good for student of the month awards.

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Classroom rewards

Create. Cook. Teach.: Free Rewards & PBIS

PBS - POSITIVE BEHAVIOR SUPPORT...This is an excellent resource to reference when brainstorming ideas on what to attempt as an intervention for behavior you may see in the classroom.

Behavior punch card, for every good thing they do you punch a number out. When all twenty are punched out they get a reward. Good for individual behavior plans.

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Classroom timeline. Remember events throughout the year.

Positive Behavior Rewards

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Why I Took My Behavior Chart Off My Wall! - Simply Kinder

These are the rewards I use in my class! Love that I can now use passes instead of sticky notes.

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