Found it on Pinterest of course, but finally created a Voice Levels chart for my classroom.

Voice Levels chart for classroom. Time to put this up for faeries and ghouls haunting our house .


Think sheet. Have the student fill this out when they have broken a classroom rule or hurt the feelings of another student. Have the student reflect on their behavior and then fix the situation.

3rd Grade Thoughts: Starting Our Day With Morning Meeting

Starting Our Day With Morning Meeting

have you filled a bucket today activities | ... help remind us what it means to be a bucket filler and a bucket dipper

Clutter-Free Classroom: Bucket Filler Anchor Chart {INSPIRED} I have the book! Good first day of school activity to do with a real bucket.

Simply Second: Top 10 Math Apps

Simply Second: Top 10 Math Apps (also look at top 10 literacy and teacher apps as well)

Everything you need for your writing center. Love this.

Powers of 10 Math Face Off 5.NBT.2

Great for implementing writing workshop in the classroom. Includes everything that you would need for your writing center.

Valentine's Day

A twist on graphing conversation hearts + lots of valentine activities data collection for line plots

Google Image Result for

I have heard of Bucket Fillers, but never tried it in my class until this year. I read How Full is Your Bucket? then we talked about exa.

students decide what they are doing now when their assignment is finished.  I think they could move through a system and I could also add computer work and flash cards.

In order to foster student independence, they are given three choices on the board. When they finish the current activity, they may turn it in and move their magnet to one of the areas.