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Classroom Jobs: This is an example of a way to organize classroom jobs. Classroom jobs can help those students whose primary love language is Acts of Service. This allows them to practice acts of service as well as receive them from their peers.

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iHelp classroom job chart This was made with an oil drip pan (Walmart- $10), black bulletin board paper and notebook "apps". You can easily create customizable apps from the notebook software. Use magnets under apps to assign jobs to students.

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Can this be on EVERY classroom door???

Ihelp Classroom Jobs

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Classroom Jobs Chart - iPad Style! Love this!

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What a great way to address writing skills/illustration of thoughts than to have them apply for what job they want the first rotation of the year?! I want to make one of the boxes an illustration box, though...expecting a lot will need to dictate.

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A Cupcake for the Teacher: Jobs in the Classroom!

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Classroom management. This is actually a really cool idea. It would really help during study hall attendance when 6 kids came to you with a note to go to another class! I can coordinate the numbers with my cell phone storage numbers too.

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Acts of Service: Classroom Jobs Chart *Some different classroom job ideas.

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Classroom jobs clip chart made using Donna Coleman's polkadot owl pack from TpT :)

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Question of the Day board doubles as attendance when used first thing in the morning

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iHelp job chart - classroom jobs

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Cute idea for classroom jobs!

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Class jobs - 4th grade internship. I was looking for something like this last week.

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Black and Neon ... The iHelp classroom jobs chart I made

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For the classroom...

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Classroom jobs!