Classroom Jobs: This is an example of a way to organize classroom jobs. Classroom jobs can help those students whose primary love language is Acts of Service. This allows them to practice acts of service as well as receive them from their peers.

iHelp classroom job chart This was made with an oil drip pan (Walmart- $10), black bulletin board paper and notebook "apps". You can easily create customizable apps from the notebook software. Use magnets under apps to assign jobs to students.

Great bulletin board!

job chart for the 21st century! Now this is really cute!

This is a LOT of jobs! Depending on the grade I teach, I might change this so that all students are listed and the clips are used to show who are the classroom managers for the day, as opposed to having all those separate jobs. That would work for 3rd and older. Younger students might like to each share an actual job, so my chart would look more similar to this.

Job board

Classroom Jobs

Use CTP's BW Collection Library Pockets as a class jobs wall!

Pandora in the Classroom

The unique and simple design of this cart accommodates restricted budgets. As well, ideal for single classroom use to store classroom book collections.#VBC5600

classroom jobs. ... And other great ideas!

Phone app spinner for the classroom! How cool!

Gem Jar. This is a classroom management idea used to reward whole class behavior. Have a cut out of a jar taped to whiteboard. There are also a bunch of magnetic gems. When the class WOW's teacher-add a gem to the class jar. When other classes compliment behavior in the hallway, the cafeteria, or Related Arts-Add a gem. When the class fills the whole jar, Let them vote on their class reward. Extra Recess, Movie on Friday, Popcorn, etc

Student Jobs in the Classroom

Classroom Jobs Chart - iPad Style! Love this!

Classroom Ideas

This site allows you to print out ready-made classroom job signs.

Absent Student Folders - perfect classroom job!

Classroom Management Checklist... Must print out to help with my new classroom!

INSTRUCTION: Toobaloo Phonological feedback design and Headset: Great to support students improve their fluency and expression. Great for any student, especially struggling readers. When students are engaged in silent reading this allows students to clearly hear, assess and correct without disturbing other students. The headset allows for handsfree use makes reading more comforatble.

Building Student Responsibility: Classroom Jobs