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34 Things That Will Make You Say "I Wish I Did That At My Wedding!"...we ♥ this!

One reception table -- set at the right height for smaller guests -- was set with a spread of treats for the younger guests, including stickers, crayons, snacks, and candy.

message in a bottle for anniversaries. guests can choose what year to personalize their note for.

A Polaroid guestbook. | 23 Unconventional But Awesome Wedding Ideas

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The groom writes all the things he loves about the bride, and she writes all the things she loves about him! Perfect for the guest book table!

Message in a bottle guest book idea // Keepsake Memories Photography

35 Non-traditional And Creative Wedding Guest Book Ideas - 18 - Pelfind

Wedding Guest Book Tree

Instead of having a traditional guest book, set up a video station where guests can record their well wishes for you!

Really cute save the date! put a sticker in the card for guests to put on the calender

For the reception. Photobooth that prints out two sets of pictures..have book next to booth for the couple to glue one copy into and write a note/sign their names!

The bride and groom put their fingerprints on the swing (: and your guests' fingerprints are the leaves!

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Love this sign :)

have your guests instagram your wedding


Some fun and unique guest book ideas for your wedding! (image via Kat Braman Photography)

Wedding Guest Book Tree

Our Story for guests while waiting for ceremony. I