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An Educator's Life: No P.A.W.ing Allowed (Classroom Management Tip)

This year, in our upper grade classrooms we are trying something new. We are going to rotate our and grade students for thre.

Classroom Management - have table captain for each table, practice responsibility skills!

Classroom Management: table captains- at the beginning of each week a table captain is picked and the cone is placed on the students desk. The table captain picks up materials and puts them away

Problem solving! by cwhaticreate

"Wheel of Choices" is designed to give students appropriate options in their struggles with others. Whenever they can, students should try three of these choices before approaching an adult with an issue. I think I could use this wheel myself tho!

The Great Pencil Challenge (managing pencils, I've been out of pencils since November because the kids don't care about them, one of my biggest pet peeves)

The Great Pencil Challenge (managing pencils!)

Ladybug's Teacher Files: The Great Pencil Challenge (managing pencils!) I need a sharpen pencil challenge.

This is a GREAT list of procedures to teach at the beginning of the year. Many of these are things teachers don't think about teaching.

Head Off Behavior Problems With Classroom Procedures (Scholastic Article) good check list for back-to-school season.

When I say"No Talking",your mouth should not be moving!

teacher's dictionary definition for talking.this is a great article, more for middle school but definitely adaptable for fifth grade.STOP TALKING!

10 Rhetorical Questions to Stop Using in the Classroom - BlairTurner.com

10 Rhetorical Questions to Stop Using in the Classroom along with much better alternatives. A total MUST READ for teachers (and parents).><> I can totally feel the frustrating rhetorical questions coming out of my mouth as a parent.

Minds in Bloom: The Power of Random Reward in Your Classroom

The Power of Random Reward in Your Classroom

Find out how Random Reward can be a powerful motivator in your classroom management strategy. Probably would use reward cards for this like extra computer time, sitting at the teacher's desk, listening to music while you work, etc.