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  • Brittany Case

    I am blessed beyond what I could ever imagine. I deserved death yet God gave me life. And not only life but friends, family, and much much more

  • Debbie ❤️ Miller

    I love this quote. People often say "you are so lucky" the truth is that it is not luck but following God's principles and thus his grace bestowed on us. Not that we don't have adversity in our lives, but that we know where our strength lies when adversity comes our way as it inevitably will. These are the issues of life that hone us.

  • Rachael Dellaguardia

    100% ( Blessed to have such an amazing lil boy who has taught me SO much to life & little things i thought were never possible, I am blessed <3 )

  • Nazila Dada-Ahmed

    Inspirational Quote: "I am not lucky, I am blessed."

  • A Rose

    When u know Christ, u live by faith. When you don't u live by luck. Luck runs out. Faith is everlasting. I am blessed.

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you are an adventure story•*¨*•¸.♪♥♫♥♫♥MAY ALL YOUR DREAMS & WISHES COME TRUE! :) .♪♥♫♥♫♥.•*¨*•¸HUGS N GIGGLES N MANY BLESSINGS.♪♥♫♥♫♥.•*¨*•