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Lawyer vs. Doctor… hahahaha . . . poor lawyers they get a very bad rep.

God I would have died laughing if I was there. Wow, this makes lawyers sound so stupid... I hope I'm not like that whenever I become a lawyer...


Jennifer Lawrence- best comeback

Why yes, I'd love to take your case for free. That is precisely why I spent three years in law school, suffered the bar exam, and spent over $40,000.00 on my education.

America’s Most Bizarre Laws. But I love putting my ice cream in my back pocket! Silly, people.

And to think I often lack confidence in my abilities as an attorney.....yikes

things like this make me question just how bad I would like to have children one day

The first time I saw this I laughed myself stupid. It's -still- funny. Not sure what that says about me... :)