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Build your own herbal apothecary with Home Remedy Secrets: Building Your Herbal Medicine Chest. Learn 19 herbs and how you can use them. This video is part of a course that is free on It is herbal home remedies made simple

Making Lemon Balm Tincture Lemon balm is a great herb and can be used in a number of ways. It can help ease anxiety and promote relaxation, it can aid mental clarity and improve concentration and it can encourage restful sleep.

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Natural First Aid Cream

Don't put chemical creams on your kids' scrapes. This natural first-aid cream is safe and promotes healing naturally!

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Eucalyptus Essential Oil

No sinus infections in the house for years. When we get stuffed up we get relief in under a minute, and it doesn't settle or move into the chest. Inhale it from the bottle, or put a few drops on a tissue or cotton swab to carry around/ sleep with. When it is all of us I put 20 drops or so with a cup or 2 of water and simmer on the stove for a few hours. That also prevents colds from spreading(anitbacterial and antiviral). One person I know puts it in her vacuum when she vacuums.

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14 natural items for your alternative first aid kit

Clove oil is rich in vitamin C, potassium, iron, phosphorus, calcium, sodium and vitamin A. It is used as a home remedy in a number of applications, such as gargling with an oil solution to cure bad breath or sore throats, and help with sties, earache, bruises and indigestion, to name a few. This article tells how to make clove oil.

Forget NyQuil, make your own cough medicine from natural ingredients right from your kitchen pantry! Not only do these treat a hacking cough and sore throat, they help boost your immune system and fight the cold you have!

Use this list of basic herbs for your Herbal medicine cabinet. Harness the potent powers of nature and customize your own personal herbal medicine cabinet that will help you heal naturally, without the use of harsh chemicals or over priced pharmaceuticals.