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    How To Create Your Own Natural Medicine Cabinet | Modern Alternative Health herbs & Essential Oils - make tinctures with 80-100 proof alcohol or glycerin

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    Natural med cabinet | Modern Alternative Health

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    herbal medicine cabinet essentials

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    Build your own natural medicine cabinet | Natural Living Mamma

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    ~Build your own natural medicine cabinet ~* ... This is all you need to make that first step into taking control of your natural health. A list of 12 herbs to have on hand, essential oils, and various natural sundries to have on hand for when you need them.

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5 Essential Oils to Makeover your Medicine Cabinet. These oils work. I've used them to relieve fevers, tummy aches, headaches, and even on my sons toe infection. I use them with the humidifier when one of the boys has a stuffy nose.

Create your own natural medicine cabinet. You don't need to go into debt to take care of your family naturally. You just need a few supplies, the basic herbs and essential oils and some easy recipes.

How to stock a natural medicine cabinet and what to avoid - herbs, essential oils, vitamins & more!

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