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  • Erin Kellar

    Mason jar candle and potpourri. Great Idea, Warm Spices over a Candle in a Jar using a Loose Tea Leaf Strainer. DIY.

  • Heather Mills

    Sjarmerende jul: Kongerøkelse. Yummy smelling stuff in a tea strainer over a tea light. #Christmas

  • Jamie Hatfield

    Candle potpourri (Burn a tealight in a mason jar with a tea strainer atop, filled with cinnamon, star anise, etc.) (Christmas or Autumn) Great outdoor candle.

  • Erica Lea

    Great idea: Warm spices over a candle in a jar using a tea strainer.

Sjarmerende Jul, Ideas, Warm Spices, Teas Strainer, Outdoor Candles, Teas Lights, Christmas, Sjarmerend Jul, Mason Jars Candles

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