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Smudge Sticks

Sage Smudge Stick


Diy Smudge

Wiccan Craft

Sage Stick

DIY sage bundles/ smudge sticks. Make several to give keep and use when you've had bad company or need to sage a new home.

Smudge Sticks

Witchy Woman


Negative Energy

Native American

Walk out a the front or back door, close it, and smudge around the door and door frame. Leave the bundle (safely) outside to burn itself out, and then bury it in your back yard. 9. Stay outside for a short while. Let the energies of the house reboot themselves and work. After about 5 minutes go back into the house and that is it done

Smudge Sticks Diy

Smudge Herbs

How To Make Smudge Stick

Smudgeherbs Htm

Drying Herbshttp

Diy Smudge Sticks

Smudging Herbs

What herbs to use in making Sage and Smudge - What is Smudging - How to Smudge

Healing Crystals

Crystals Stones

Healing Stones

Cleaning Crystal

Crystal Healing

Cleanse Crystals

Crystals Gem

Cleansing your crystals. I smudge with frankincense.

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How to Make Lavender Oil at Home

Lavender Essential Oil

Essential Oils

Carrier Oil

Lavender Oil

Diy Essential Oil

Infused Oil

Lavendar Oil

How to Make Lavender Oil at Home One of the most popular multi-purpose essential oils is lavender oil. Learning how to make lavender oil at home is an extremely easy process. craft-ideas

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How to Use Aloe Ice Cubes to Treat a Sunburn

Aloe Vera Ice Cubes

Aloe Vera Sunburn

Summer Diy

Smart Idea

Awesome Idea

Summer Time

wikiHow to Use Aloe Ice Cubes to Treat a Sunburn --

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Natural Room Scents

Room Scent Diy

Aromatherapy Ideas

Natural Room Scents

Scents Diystuff

Aromatherapy Diy Gifts

Room Scents Diy

Orange Rooms Ideas

DIY - Natural Room Scents

Smudging Prayer


Cleansing Spell

Cleaning Spell

Witchy Stuff

house cleaning chant

Essential Oil

Natural Health

Herbal Remedies

Medicinal Herbs

Medicinal Plants

Health Benefits

Natural Remedies

Healing Herbs

❤Sage is a commonplace herb used throughout the world for both culinary and medicinal purposes.❤

Witchy Crafts

Diy Pagan Crafts

Witchcraft Altar

Diy Wiccan Crafts

Witchcraft Diy

Lavender Star DIY Sweeeet!!! -- Love doing this!!! Nice Instructions (Don't forget - You can also incorporate number magick) -- #wicca #pagan #diy

Herbs And Spices

Anise Psychic

Christmas Neutrals

Star Anise: Psychic Powers Luck. The seeds are burned as incense to increase psychic powers and are also worn as beads for the same purpose. Sometimes star anise is placed on the altar to give it power; one is placed to each of the four directions. It is also carried as a general luck-bringer, and the seeds make excellent pendulums.

Rose Flowers

Smudge Sticks Diy

Diy Smudge Stick

Cruxes Smudge

Smudge Bundle

Diy Smudgesticks

Beautiful Flowers

Dried Flowers

Beautiful Smudge

smudge sticks...

Harry Potter Wands

Harry Potter Wands

Harry Potter Wand

Potter Party


Diy Wands

Wizard Wand


Hp Wand

Harry Potter Wands


DIY - Garden Stepping Stones

Garden Stones

Diy Stepping Stones

Leaf Stepping Stones

Diy Garden

DIY stepping stones #diy #garden #dan330

Garden Ideas

Repel Mosquitoes

Repel Mosquitos

Burning Sage

✯ Beautiful Smudge ✯

Witches Kitchen

Witchy Things

Witchery Kitchen

Witchery Creed

Kitchen Witchery

Witch Creed

Kitchen Witches

Witches Creed

Witchy Stuff

Kitchen Witchery: #Kitchen #Witch's #Creed.

Book Of Shadows Spells

Wicca Spell

Spirit Animal

Animal Book

Spirit Guide

Wicca Book

Wiccan Book Of Shadow

Book Of Shadows Page

Wiccan Spell

Identify Your Spirit Animal, Book of Shadows Page, BOS Pages, Rare Wiccan Spells

Dream Catchers

Dream Catcher


Diy Craft

Diy Dreamcatcher

Diy Dream Catcher

Dream Catcher

how to make a dream catcher

Pagan Ritual

Smudging Stick

Personal Space


Herb Room

Sage Stick

An article that explains smudging, how to do it...and how it works.

Smudging Prayer

American Indian

Book Of Shadow


Spirit Guide


Smudge Prayer

House Cleaning

Native American

Smudging Poster Parchment Page Spirit Guide Wicca Parchment Book of Shadows

Rain Chain

Rain Chain


Windchimes Diy


Diy Rain Chain

Rain Chain