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    Beautiful smudge sticks!

    healing smudge sticks

    Easy to Make - This has the most clear instructions I've Seen.... Make Your Own Homegrown Smudge Sticks

    Hip Hip Hooray

    wildflower smudgesticks/botanicals folklorica

    Smudging Prayer

    ☾ Wildflower smudge sticks ☾ Bohemian :: wild flowers :: sage :: crystals :: devotion :: sacred space :: cleansing :: nature spirit :: Inspiration @aumandamen

    Lavender rosemary & rose smudge sticks for peace by TheSageGoddess, $15.00

    smudge sticks from the Sage Goddess on etsy. she uses lavender, rosemary and rose petals. perfect for those who have problems with sage sticks

    Juniper Ridge Sweetgrass Smudge Stick - Bridge & Burn - Portland, Oregon

    How To MAKE Your OWN SMUDGE STICKS - YouTube

    Making Smudge Wands / Sacred Spaces ♥

    Witchy Tip of the Day Hang a sprig of sage by the front door to protect the home.

    What herbs to use in making Sage and Smudge - What is Smudging - How to Smudge

    Smudge sticks

    Smudge sticks

    Black - Burning black with any other color disolves negative energies! Protection, hex-breaking, reversing, banishing, destroying evil or negativity, binding, and repelling. Also used for healing very powerful illnesses.

    smudge stick | Tumblr

    How to make a Healing Amulet... Many Magicks... ☽✪☾

    Vintage Heath ashtray + Palo Santo smudge sticks - Half Hitch Goods

    How to make an herb stick and a besom