Homemade Nettle Pasta

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Fun and Easy to Make!

homemade egg noodles

Homemade Mustard...Just Mustard Seeds and ACV! Who knew it could be so easy! We've been so conditioned to BUY everything from a store...it had to start somewhere right? How about MY kitchen where I KNOW for SURE what it has in it?!

Eat Live Grow Paleo: Finally ! ...Paleo Pasta that actually tastes like Pasta !

Nettle soup Get your gloves on to forage for wild plants like nettles - once cooked they have a spinach or cabbage flavour

Rose Petal Jelly recipe....not only is it fragrant & delicious, but it's known to calm the nerves, combat fatigue, soothe inflammation, & help alleviate headaches! Must try.

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Homemade apple wine, made the old fashioned way.

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Making homemade Elderflower cordial.

How to Freeze Basil, Oregano, Parsley, Cilantro, Thyme & Sage - I like this method because I can add more and more to the zip lock bag as I gather it, and then later on, after I've harvested all I'm going to get, I can then chop it up fine. You also don't add any other ingredients, so it can be used in any recipe.

How to cook the best fluffy quinoa. Will try this next week, as my quinoa-cooking skills are terribly lacking.

Easy Alternative Noodle Recipes #recipes #pasta #spiralize

"How To Make Homemade Lavender and Rose Simple Syrups" ~ When I went to Provence, I brought back some Lavender Syrup. The French are big in putting these flavored syrups in water or Perrier. I finally made some today. I used fresh lavender which makes the syrup come out more clear and colorless which makes the violet food coloring give it the perfect color. I add this syrup to my iced tea! C'est Bon!

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