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How to Make Rhubarb & Honey Soda (With Lacto-Fermentation

I love making probiotic sodas at home. It’s fun and easy, and it’s cool to be in control of how sweet, how fizzy or how tart is turns out. One of the first sodas I made was Elderflower Soda, and after that success, I made a quick batch of Rhubarb Soda, and it was also …
  • Emmanuelle Conway

    How to Make Rhubarb & Honey Soda at home, using lacto fermentation - fermented drinks are full of probiotics

  • Terri McLaren

    How To Make Fermented Rhubarb Honey Soda

  • Gretchen Speidel

    How to Make Honey Rhubarb Soda (With Lacto-Fermentation!) | And Here We AreAnd Here We Are

  • Dee Crow

    How to Make Rhubarb & Honey Soda at home, using lacto fermentation. Easy, healthy and really delicious! It’s kind of like lemonade, with a rosy flavor– so nice! #drink #fermented #soda #diy #homemade #rhubarb #honey #probiotic

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How to Make Fermented Rhubarb & Honey Soda. You'll Need: Rhubarb, honey (or sugar, or sucanat), and whey (strained from plain yoghurt). Plus: swing-top bottles, a funnel, a demijohn (aka: 1 gallon glass jug), and an airlock).

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Birgit's Daily Bytes: Probiotic Soda: Ginger Ale

When making a rhubarb galette recently, I had a lot of leftover syrup from cooking down the rhubarb. There was no way that I was letting that ruby red sauce, full of concentrated rhubarb flavor, go down the drain. Determined to figure out a solution, I ventured to try a refreshing glass of rhubarb soda. I poured about three tablespoons of the syrup per glass (although you can use less if you prefer a less-sweet beverage) over tall glasses full of ice. Next, in went the sparkling soda water. If you plan to serve this at a party, don't stir it up, because the pink and clear layers are quite eye-catching.