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Dean by kleinmeli

Pencil Works by kleinmeli on DeviantArt

See…I didn’t abdomen the SPN fandom….I’m just taking a summer break. So this is the concept sketch for a big acrylic painting I’m planning. And even if I’m a Sam girl…I have to admit that Dean is a.

Jensen by kleinmeli

kleinmeli: “ I’m currently trying to sort my drawings into folders and I have done a LOT of “Supernatural” fanart…those 10 above are my favorites…I think. But wow…I need to draw other stuff.

Actually I just want to be Genevieve, but Danneel would be great too!

a week, a month.six months to a year, okay in another life. <-- This made me laugh so hard

Tesla Quote  Art Print by Purshue - $15.00

Tesla Quote Art Print by Purshue - $15.00

Hoping For Violence To Stop Is Easier Than Trying To Change The World

Hoping For Violence To Stop Is Easier Than Trying To Change The World

Hyrulean Book of Biology, illustrated by Charley Harper

'The Hyrulean Book Of Biology' by Andrew Kolb inspired by Charley Harper's cover to 'The Golden Book Of Biology'

Love #20

Into the Drained Pool by Margarita Georgiadis Joe Webb "Absent Minded" Saatchi Online Artist jenny Cottingham;

Audrey Hepburn Pencil Drawing Portrait Fine Art SIgned Print

Audrey Hepburn Original Pencil Drawing Minimalism Fine Art Portrait Glamour Beauty Classic Hollywood - Simple, and yet so beautiful & a classic!

Melissa Cooke's large-scale graphite portraits focus on introspection and identity.    httpw://lifeslearning.org/    Join us on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/LifesLearningForEveryone Twitter: @sapelskog

Disorienting, Large-Scale Graphite Drawings by Melissa Cooke