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Image result for kathy and mark children's books

Image result for kathy and mark children's books

Haha!! I used to wear these all the time in the 90's. The button in the crouch made it difficult when you wanted to "make out with a guy" A.N

The torture of wearing bodysuits with those horrible snaps on the crotch. // 55 Things only Teenage Girls Can Understand. This brings back so many memories it hurts.

1970s Candy | Candy That Came Out in the 70's

1970s Candy

Penny candy, wax bottles with root beer flavor liquid. Some days I just needed a little sip.

69 things you now realize if you are a 90s kid

Things that kids realize. Seriously so true, this is my childhood. OMG I remember every one of these

Dick and Jane

Fun with Dick & Jane books. I have this book. my sister got it for me because I always talked about it.

Remember these? McDonalds gave them out

Used to have these Muppet Babies Christmas toy. I think they came from McDonalds.Happy Meal Toys used to be so much cooler when I was a kid.

Luden's Wild Cherry Cough Drops-  best tasting things, we ate 'em like candy!

Luden's Wild Cherry cough drops - On Sunday in church in case you started coughing.My Grandma always had these. I would eat them like candy!

I had a couple of these growing up.

Retro, vintage, trendy, and hippy style handmade leather barrettes, braid holders and leather hair accessories. Each handmade leather barrette is handcrafted by Old School Leather Company.

I had our 1st borns (son) shoes done that way

Vintage Baby Shoe Book Ends.My baby shoes are bronzed bookends.

45 Records Collection

45 Records Collection

remember when hotels had keys?

Hotel keys- remember these? You could just put them in the mailbox and mail them back if you forgot to return one. (Hopefully they wouldn't be picked up by a serial killer in the mean time!