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    • Andrea McGrath

      Hahahaha so true! Gotta love growing up in the 90s..

    • Karissa Eckhardt

      Back in the day - growing up in the 90s! A trip down memory lane.

    • Krista Fuhre

      Wow... this pin pretty much explains everything about my childhood! Growing up in the 90s!!!

    • Jen Shryock

      So true for the 90s kid.

    • Kara Mosley

      oh, the 90s childhood memories.

    • Nerdy and Nice

      News to those "'90's" kids, I am sorry but if you were born after '95, you are not a '90 s kid, you don't remember any of this sh*t you just pretend to. Can you tell I am tired of the 14 year old kids saying they are 90's kids... They have experienced it all!

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