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  • Jamie B {merricontrari}

    Let's all laugh at Nickelback :)

  • Kelly Joseph

    Boise Weekly writer offers alternatives to seeing Nickelback. I would rather do any of the things listed than listen to this awful band!

  • Lindsey Young

    Hahaha this Boise, Idaho paper understands my loathing of Nickelback.

  • Stephen Dyrgas

    And the Nickelback Love Just Keeps On Comin'... | via Alan Cross - A Journal of Musical Things

  • James Teahen


  • Heather Taylor

    Friday’s Funny Pictures – 45 Pics

  • Summer Horton

    “You can spend $45 to go see Nickelback this week… $45 is also enough to see Men in Black III five times, buy a dozen Big Macs, do 10 loads of laundry or so many other experiences as banal and meaningless as seeing Nickelback but that come without having to actually hear Nickelback.” ........... BAAAAHAHAHAHAHA

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