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  • Gabriel Coco

    Stary eyes

  • ABGB


  • Harry Covair

    Globular Star Cluster 47 Tuc Image Credit & Copyright: Dieter Willasch (Astro-Cabinet) Explanation: Globular star cluster 47 Tucanae is a jewel of the southern sky. Also known as NGC 104, it roams the halo of our Milky Way Galaxy along w/ some 200 other globular star clusters. The 2nd brightest globular cluster (after Omega Centauri) as seen from planet Earth, it lies about 13,000 light-years away & can be spotted naked-eye near the Small Magellanic Cloud in the constellation of the Toucan

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Everytime I see the stars it makes me think of you

space space space

You are a very tiny part of the universe but you are an important shining star. You have a purpose. Your purpose may be to take care of children or parents or to make life more beautiful with art or music. Your purpose is special and so are you. xo

I fucking love space and stars and shit!