Brain Breaks for the Classroom!

Brain breaks for the classroom

Brain Break...This is SO fun!!!!

Brain Breaks can be just what you need to help wake up the brain and body! {Free Printable with 30 ideas to get blood pumping and improve focus!} fun little breaks that get pulled out at random times to wake up lethargic brains and bodies!

Pencil fidgets - They allow the student to have something to move around in their hands. Students that require such fidgets have a need for sensory stimulation, and fidgets provide that within the classroom setting. I know about 50 kids... and myself who would benefit from these.

20 Three-Minute Brain Breaks : need some modifications for a secondary classroom, but good ideas to start from

Classroom Management

GROUPS - Free download.

Sparking Student Motivation: Whole Brain Teaching..

Classroom Norms rather than rules. Freebie printable :)

Brain Break Bucket-Sports Theme Classroom

another good idea for "I'm finished - now what?" board - notice no "get out of seat and disrupt others!"

Door of Integrity...for classroom door

My Classroom

Super Mario dance for brain break, indoor recess.

Make these captions with chalk board paint and then put them up in the classroom with children's quotes.

40 sensory brain break ideas for kids with FREE printable!


Hello english teacher. Your getting this when I graduate

3rd Grade Thoughts: Day 2: High Five To a Great Year!