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The Rabbit, Édouard Manet, 1866, etching.

Rembrandt drypoint and etching on rare, fibrous oriental paper

Anders Zorn (1860-1920)  Vallkulla, 1912 Etching on laid paper

Anders Zorn - Etching

Anders Zorn

Value can be created using lines. Value is how light or how dark something is. This method uses crossing diagonal lines. It is called cross hatching.

#Rembrandt, #etching and #drypoint

James Whistler The Wine Glass 1859 - still life quick heart

Wood engraving by Gwen Raverat of Ludgate Hill. 'London snow' 1939

The Ferry - wood engraving by George Mackley, 1951

Paul Landacre (USA 1892-1953) Tuonela (1934) wood engraving

Paul Landacre “Siesta” 1930 Wood Engraving

"A Woman" - Paul Landacre - Wood Engraving - 1937

Paris Street, 1930 | Howard Cook wood engraving

Otto Nückel, wood engraving

Barry Moser. Illustration for Frankenstein. Wood engraving

Wood engraving by Barry Moser

Paul Landacre - Wood Engraving

Andy English

Andy English. The Old Owl House. (wood engraving)

Andy English. A Chatsworth Hedgehog. (wood engraving).

Gustav Vigeland, woodcut

Gustav Vigeland, woodcut

Gustav Vigeland, woodcut

Gustav Vigeland, woodcut