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    Paraiba Tourmaline

    "Watermelon" Tourmaline.

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    Paraiba Tourmaline in Quartz

    Tourmaline in Lepidolite from Brazil

    Paraiba Tourmaline, named after the place it was found. It has appeared in the most amazing colours of neon blue (turquoise), green, blue, mauve and violet. Paraiba Tourmalines are amongst the most powerful and healing gemstones

    Kunzite from Pakistan

    Apatite - Brazil Blue apatite makes a good substitute for paraiba tourmaline in that the colors are quite similar. Although apatite is far less costly, it is a soft stone, making it not suitable for rings.

    4.66ct Tourmaline with Purple Flash – Select Gem


    Demantoid from Madagascar. The rarest form of garnet and most expensive.

    #Paraiba #Tourmaline

    Amazonite By cobalt123


    Paraiba tourmaline is a rare copper-bearing gem with a vivid neon blue color. First found in Brazil in 1989, similar material has since been found in Africa.

    "Light of the Desert", the world's largest faceted Cerussite gem (898 carats), Royal Ontario Museum. Cerussite is one of the only gems with adamantine (diamond-like) luster.

    Watermelon Tourmaline, pink and green mineral gem stone


    Large Pink Tourmaline from Mozambique. Pear Cut. MdMaya Gems