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  • Isis 305
    • 1 year ago

    I purchased a couple of slabs from Crystalline Phoenix a few years ago. I use them to sit in meditation; they enable me to center and calm myself and feel connected to Source. Selenite is a wonderful crystal!

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Nevada Blue Chalcedony-this is the colors I used in my living room too :) of course it has the log cabin look

Gorgeous blades of Golden Selenite on Selenite! The blades are both twinned and incredibly gemmy-transparent! I can't stress enough just how rich the color is and the amount of flash this specimen displays under lighting. The surfaces are glassy with no damage or contacts to speak of. From Las Salinas, Otume Village, Pisco Province, Ica Department, Peru. Measures 7.5 cm by 4.6 cm in size. Price $285

Selenite--I love this crystal.Helpful People/Travel Selenite Selenite crystals are said to connect with the light body, or the higher spirit. With an extremely fine vibrational energy, it is a very spiritual stone, attracting guidance and an awareness. For those interested in attuning to a higher vibration through meditation, selenite is a very useful stone.

Selenite Crystal Tower Electric Lamp, X Large. Spiritual Activation & Communion Purifying Gypsum 8.5" x 12.5". via Etsy.

Celenite wand by billie ...OH..MY...GOSH!!! Its soooooo BEAUTIFUL!!!

selenite castle from atlas mountains morocco / Mineral Friends

Green selenite by Willowleaf Minerals beautiful.....I had no idea selenite came in green. Selenite is a good stone to have as it helps energize other stones that are close to it or sitting on top of it. It is also one stone not to clean with water.

Selenite aka desert rose. Thingofinterest: A variety of Gypsum which forms in loose sandy soils. Appearing like a cluster of rose flowers.

Amazing cave-of-crystals contains crystals of selenite (gypsum) as large as 4 ft. in diameter and 50 ft. long. - Naica Mine in Chihuahua, Mexico