Pyritized Rose Quartz

Rhodochrosite, quartz, and chalcopyrite


Emerald on Pyrite

quartz on pyrite

Quartz on Rhodochrosite with Pyrite -

Rhodochrosite with Chalcopyrite, Sphalerite & Quartz by Dan #Gemstones|

Azurite #crystals

Rose Quartz by by

❥ Pink Fluorite with Green phantoms on matrix with Pyrite! From Huanzala, Peru.


These perfect cubes are formed naturally, and are not cut or polished. Pyrite crystals from the National Mineral Collection / Mineral Friends <3

Raw Crystals

Pyrite with Quartz from Washington

opalized and pyritized ammonite fossil - glorious!

Rose quartz crystal


Gorgeous fluorite points

Assorted Bulk Rough Rose Quartz Crystals by SoulMakes

Rose Quartz