Pyritized Rose Quartz


Emerald on Pyrite

quartz on pyrite

Erythrite crystals with Quartz

Rhodochrosite, quartz, and chalcopyrite

Azurite #crystals

Rhodochrosite with Chalcopyrite, Sphalerite & Quartz by Dan #Gemstones|

Quartz with Pyrite from Mexico



A delicate pink blushed center highlights this Goshen-Morganite on white Albite! Also with minor Schorl, this is only the third Goshen-Morganite I've come across in the past five or six years so they definately aren't common. The Goshenite is a colorless Beryl and it either overgrows a Morganite (pink Beryl) or the Morganite loses the Manganese coloring agent somewhere during its growth and develops a colorless exterior. Doce Vallley, Minas Gerals, Brazil

Fluorite specimen in light pink.


watermelon tourmaline

Iris Agate

Pyrite with Quartz from Washington

Star Rose Quartz

Ruby in zoisite