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    • Kathryn Thuma

      Chrysoprase: The gem often mistaken for Jade. I can see why that is, but no other gem has a color quite like good 'prase.

    • Agnes Tan

      Chrysophase - #Chrysoprase helps to make conscious what was unconscious. It strengthens the workings of insight and the higher consciousness. It encourages hope and joy, helps clarify problems, and has been used as a cure for restlessness and protection on sea voyages. Chrysoprase is used to speed the healing of any wound. #gemstones #crystals

    • Susan Henderson

      Chrysoprase is the green variety of Chalcedony. Its color ranges from a light, minty-green to a deep apple-green. The unique, rich color of Chrysoprase is caused by impurities of nickel, as this gemstone most frequently originates in nickel-rich Serpentine deposits.

    • The Glass Slipper13

      Chrysophase - Chrysoprase helps to make conscious what was unconscious and encourages hopefulness. It strengthens the workings of insight and the higher consciousness. It activates and opens your Heart Chakra, instilling a state of grace and facilitating a deep meditative state. It helps heal broken hearts, eases depression, reduces superiority and inferiority complexes, and strengthens will and life force. It brings harmony and balance, light-heartedness and joy.

    • MichaelaJewelry

      Chrysoprase: The gem often mistaken for Jade. LOVE the color!

    • Elizabeth Matchen

      beautiful Jade green...timeless...

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    Dioptase is a stone of healing that has a refreshing energy. It can help heal in many ways emotionally, including helping get one started clearing one's issues, and releasing negative emotions. It promotes healing from abuse, neglect, sadness, and despair. It is called a stone of "Living in the Moment" because it helps one overcome these hurtful past energies and find the joy of the current moment, bring calm, confidence, and self-worth.

    Labradorite is regarded as a highly mystical and protective stone, and is often used by healing arts practitioners as a barrier against negative energies released during treatment. It is thought to facilitate powerful shifts in consciousness, helping to connect with higher energy in the present while imparting the strength and perseverance necessary to clear past difficulties and traumas. Labradorite calms an overactive mind and energizes the imagination www.pixiecrystals...

    Laying healing crystals on your body immediately shifts you into a different state. It helps to draw out negative energy, unblock stagnant energy and encourage a smooth flow of energy throughout your body. #crystals

    Assorted Quartz by SoulMakes --> Quartz is known as a master healing stone. It promotes harmony, clarity and calmness. Quartz dispels negative energy and helps balance physically, emotionally and spiritually.

    Green Aventurine is a stone of opportunity, luck, harmony, healing, and peace. Green links with the heart chakra. Lay over the heart for healing. Add it to a prosperity grid. Place in a box with money to increase wealth. Meditate to invoke harmony and peace.

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    Jeremejavite- an excellent healing crystal; will help to eradicate disorganized cellular growth in the body; aids those who have had a loved one pass over... as it may help to lessen the grief felt at this time; will help anyone who feels either superior or inferior to others, allowing you to know that you are perfect just how you are, and that you're in the right place for your personal well-being.

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    Aqua Aura Quartz brings strong healing energies that help to cleanse, repair and heal your aura. When you meditate with it, or have it in your space, you will immediately feel calmer and more at peace. #crystals

    Dioptase. The name is derived from the greek Dia - through which & Optos - be shown. Awakens love & reduces stress. A gemstone of the heart. Helps in overcoming painful events. Stimulates forgiveness & helps in the process of healing emotional wounds. It controls the energy of all cycles. It increases spirituality & inner strength. Enables individuals to express feelings. The holder is encouraged to live the present moment & maintain the memories of past.

    Selenite - brings about peace and balance, good for those wishing to reach their higher consciousness during meditation, reduces confusion and opens the mind for better insight and clarity in difficult situations. One of Selenite's highest qualities is its healing energy and its calming effect. It is excellent for releasing tension, stress, anxiety and blockages.

    Seraphinite is a precious and rare gemstone with a gentle yet powerful vibration that brings healing of the body, spirit, and mind. They call Seraphinite the Total Healing stone because it brings in your guides and angels to guide and direct the healing process. It's a powerful tool for any healing that is needed. If you're a healer, it can help with remote healing processes as well.

    Energy and Healing crystals