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Infographics Design – iPod plus iTunes Timeline by Filip Chudzinski

Travel and tourism infographics with data icons, elements by marish - Stockvectorbeeld

"Judgements"... what skirt lengths say about women ... by graphic design student, © Rosea Lake. °

Francesco Zorzi - Info graphic awesomeness

from From up North

Best Graphic Design of 2011

Fantastic infographic.

Psicologia del colore: simbologia e utilizzo nei brand [INFOGRAFICA]

Bedno ludooo :D

Bedno ludooo :D

The aim of the project was to symbolize the idea of creative process. The process is described as a passage towards to an end, but how can it be represented? I first went on to create an interlocking diagram to pin-point the stages I usually go through on a given time.