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crazy hair day ideas. There are SO many awesome crazy hair looks. Too fun. This may come in handy one day.

Another pinner wrote, "Crazy Hair Day ideas for kids, a lot of schools have this day during Spirit Week each year."-- WOW! not sure i'd be brave enough to send my kids to school looking like this! lol

Wipe out hair theme for Crazy Hair Day at school. Surfer dude on blue waves. Pretty cool!

In Roman mythology, Stata Mater was the Goddess Who Protected Against Fires. She was sometimes equated with Vesta. Her statue was located on the Forum. Vulcanalia is the fire festival in which the Goddesses Juturna (Goddess of Fountains) and Stata Mater (the Goddess Who Puts Out Conflagrations) were invoked along with Vulcan in order to control his fires.

Hair Stenciling.this is very unique.not sure if I like or dislike it..hmmmm

This is awesome! I never know what to do with BOYS hair on Crazy Hair Day at school! You HAVE to check out these CRAZY HAIR pics! Amazing!

crazy hair day! crazy talented!! click through to see more pics!! amazing!!!

Instead of using a plastic cup like last time, we tried a roll of toilet paper and a styrofoam cup. She said it didn't hurt this time and left it in all day, so I think the toilet paper is the way to go

B has already stated that she will not let me do this with her hair. Which leaves only my own hair...

Crazy hair day idea! Totally reminds me of the crazy hair ideas my husband would come up with for my kids when they were FUN !

Crazy Hair Day! Okay so doing this for my Abby when she goes to school for crazy hair day! Mother goals are awesome lol