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From a set of playing cards, ca. 1470–1485, South Netherlandish -- The Cloisters set of fifty-two cards constitutes the only known complete deck of illuminated ordinary playing cards from the 15th century. There are four suits, each consisting of a king, a queen, a knave, and ten pip cards. The suit symbols, based on equipment associated with the hunt, are hunting horns, dog collars, hound tethers, and game nooses. The figures appear to be based on Franco-Flemish models.

The Empress tarot card - the one I relate to most.

The Lovers Card from the Klimt Tarot - this is one of the most beautiful Tarot decks I have ever seen.

Using a deck of cards as a collage base - kids make a fun personal exploration body of work with the theme 'Soul Searching' yr 9-11

Kipling West Cat Tarot Deck - The Star - If you love Tarot, visit me at www.WhiteRabbitTa...

Empress - Prairie Tarot - via r8r on Flickr

Halloween Tarot - Ace of Imps

The Priestess Card, Black Ibis Tarot. Interesting, I'll have to check out this deck.