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    • Heather Marie

      Illustrator and author of my favorite chilhood books, Shel Sliverstein.

    • Allen County Public Library

      Shel Silverstein (9/25/1930 – 5/10/1999) served in the Army, becoming a cartoonist for Stars & Stripes magazine. After the Army, he soon began drawing for magazines such as Sports Illustrated, but it was his work for Playboy that began garnering him national recognition. He was also a composer, writing songs including “A Boy Named Sue,” popularized by Johnny Cash. Besides being wildly popular, his book The Giving Tree is one of the most discussed children’s books of all time. From

    • beachgal

      Cartoonist/author/songwriter/poet/children's book writer Shel Silverstein was born today 9-25 in 1930.

    • Leah Cooper-Prockno

      Shell Silverstein

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    The value of volunteering lies at the very heart of Love Without Boundaries, which is nearly entirely run by volunteers and likely would not exist without their efforts. VolunteerMatch, an organization that matches up volunteers with organizations in need, recently held a “Why I Volunteer” photo contest spotlighting outstanding volunteers, and we are thrilled to announce that Dr. John Ness was the winner! Dr. Ness is surrounded by some of the babies who he helped this spring.

    JOSEPHINE COCHRANE 1839-1913. In the 1870s, after her servants chipped some of the dishes ,while washing them, Cochrane refused to let them handled the china any more. One morning while up to her elbows in soap suds, she had an epiphany. Why not invent a dish washing machine? She received her first patent on the Garis-Cochran Dish-Washing Machine December 28, 1886. In 1916, her company was bought out by Hobart which became KitchenAid and is now Whirlpool Corporation.

    Susanna "Dora" Salter, born on 3/2/1860. In 1887, at age 27, she was elected Mayor of Argonia, Kansas, becoming the 1st woman mayor and the 1st woman elected to political office in the United States.

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    Quanah Parker,1845 or 1852 - Feb.23,1911 was a Comanche War Chief, a leader in the Native American Church and the last leader of the powerful Quahadi. He was the son of Comanche Chief Peta Nocona and Cynthia Ann Parker who had been kidnapped at the age of 9. Quanah Parker looked, and dressed like an Indian but he had very blue eyes. He was one of the most feared Indian leaders in the west. He died on Feb. 23,1911 at the age of 59.

    Theodor Seuss Geisel, better known to the world as the beloved Dr. Seuss, was born in 1904 on Howard Street in Springfield, Massachusetts. Ted's father, Theodor Robert, and grandfather were brewmasters in the city. His mother, Henrietta Seuss Geisel, often soothed her children to sleep by "chanting" rhymes remembered from her youth. Ted credited his mother with both his ability and desire to create the rhymes for which he became so well known.

    Annie Oakley 1860-1926. Annie began trapping at a young age, and shooting and hunting by age eight to support her siblings and her widowed mother. She sold the hunted game for money to locals in Greenville, as well as restaurants and hotels in southern Ohio. Her skill eventually paid off the mortgage on her mother's farm when Annie was 15. He life story is amazing.

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