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  • Jay

    1 minute meditation. Kundalini Yoga 101: What is Kundalini Yoga?

  • Fit Ripped and Healthy

    10 Things You Can Do to Reduce Stress: Practice extreme self-care. Eat healthily, get adequate sleep, and exercise regularly. Practice living in the moment. Practice mindfulness meditation. Live intentionally. Savor the simple pleasures. Maintain a healthy work and life balance. Eliminate energy drainers. Engage in creative effort. Connect with nature. Practice compassion and loving-kindness. #Extremefitness #FitnessInspiration

  • Kelli

    6 Tips To Manage Your Wandering Mind - Wow, we have 65,000 thoughts per day!

  • Leah DelPezzo

    7 Ayurvedic Skin Care Tips for Healthy & Glowing Skin

  • Tiffany Field

    "10 ways to slow down and love your life again."

  • True Beauty

    7 #Ayurvedic #SkinCare Tips for Healthy & Glowing Skin #truebeauty

  • Mirabella Bloom

    Cultivate Inner Peace ... yoga, meditation, breath work

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Important reminder. People often look for a perfection that doesn't exist from sources outside one's self.

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10 Tips for a Mindful Home... I'm not so sure about the "sleep when tired" one... I'm a night owl and get spurts of energy if I stay up too late; therefore, I have to turn in before I *can't* sleep!

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