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Is Rice Giving You (or Your Baby) Arsenic Poisoning?

What's in Your Rice? A Lot of Arsenic, Says Consumer Reports

The Arsenic in Your Chicken: Despite the threat to human health and the environment, industrial poultry producers continue to use arsenical drugs to boost growth rates. A new study measured how much of this arsenic ends up in your meat.

Although rice is the most widely eaten food in the world, it also contributes the most arsenic to the human diet. Cooking and rinsing rice...

5 Foods Loaded With Arsenic

5 Foods Loaded With Arsenic. Okay, these "health foods", while okay to eat once in a while, may not be the best choices for every day. (all cruciferous veggies, salmon, chicken, rice)

Arsenic In Your Food Investigated

Arsenic in Food...and this is why we switched from brown rice to organic white rice a couple of years ago + limit our rice consumption. No rice protein powders, no rice baby food too!!

Arsenic found in baby formula, organic, and gluten-free foods! MUST READ! Study just released 2/16 illustrating dangerous levels of arsenic in these foods and there is no federal regulations about arsenic levels in food.

Songs and rhymes for garden time! Songs are a perfect way to introduce new skills and ideas to children! These songs and rhymes are simple yet packed with great info! Love it!