Simple solutions to common garden problems - 35 natural remedies

getting rid of slugs

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Tips for Getting Rid of Slugs in your Garden: Epson Salts sprinkled on the soil will help deter slugs and also help prevent Magnesium deficiency in your plants. Vinegar, a good ingredient for slug sprays and removing slug slime. Collect human, dog, or cat hair and put around your plants. Put Copper of foil barriers around plants that the slugs are eating. This also works for snails. Put petroleum jelly around the base and tops of your plant containers and watch them slip and slide.

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Let's face it - there isn't a gardener or farmer who hasn't come across one of these pests, while working in their organic garden. By finding out more about these insects and ways to control them, it is possible to grow healthy, abundant crops, and keep your garden healthy!

Getting rid of slugs in the garden can be quite challenging. Hopefully one of these many ways will help you get rid of the slimy creature that is eating up your garden.

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