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3 crows - photograph by p emmett (three for sorrow, two for joy, three means a letter, and seeing four is even better! ;)

Crow by N. Bianca Carpenter via Etsy. Prints available at

The Watcher! - Photographer: Christopher Mark Perez

Ingrid Blixt ... The Crow - Fine art print from original drawing on wood.via Etsy.

crow somehow this is creepy. I expect Stephen King to show up in the background or something.

crow at Clapham Common. I know a dog who does not like crows.. watch out crow.

Glorious Autumn Corvidae!!! "Soul Deep In Nature" by carter flynn

Crow hanging out in a tree. This stretch is bird body language for "I'm relaxed and happy."

When you befriend a crow it tells the other crows of your kindness and more gather to you.

birds, berries, boughs and block prints -- these are a few of my favorite things!

My favorite way to travel. How ironic that a witch turns into a crow and flies away.