• Bob Bateman

    And that number doubles for two year old!

  • Carrie Linder

    I'm sure a 2 year old asks more...

  • Penny Koehler

    Funny but true. I believe this is the minimum number.

  • Jessica Jordan

    I believe this is the minimum number. And I think the number is actually higher for 3 year old boys.

  • Stephanie Chenowith

    Yes..... I absolutely did know that. Actually, I'm surprised that number is not higher. And I know her 5 year old brother asks just as many :-)

  • Rachel H

    437/13(hours they're awake)= 33.6 questions per hour. 33.6 x 8(typical number of hours they'll be in my care)=268.9 questions per child. 268.9x20 kids= 5378.5 questions per day for the teacher. 5378.5/8hours= 672.3 questions per hour. 672.3/ 9.28 (average caregiver hourly rate) = 72.44 questions for every dollar made. I think that we are seriously getting underpaid!

  • Michelle Marie West

    So true but love the time spent w/ my kids! I love that they still ask questions even at 18, 15, and 10!

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