Skeleton Candle Holders by Zed's Zombie Ranch on Etsy.

Set of 3 Skeleton Candle holders...This gives me an idea for my tiny dollar store skeletons.

Man cave #skeleton toilet paper holder.

skull home decor | Skeleton Hand Wine Bottle Holder Gothic Halloween House Home Decor ...

Anatomical Heart Vase By: Dellamorte Co. Sculpture of an anatomical human heart, cast in resin and hand painted. -10.5" tall -Bronze Red Finish


Brain Candle With Baby Head Candle-holder

"Walktopus" Octopus Candle Holder by Scott Musgrove

Skull sponge holder - - skull designs, art, fashion and more

Start by cutting around 50 lengths of wire, and begin wrapping the edges of a few pieces of wire around the base of a candle to form a spiral that will hold the candle in place. Make as many spirals as you like depending on how many candles you would like your tree to hold. Twist the remaining pieces of wire together to form tree branches, and then wrap all the wires together to form your tree trunk leaving around three or four inches at the end to make the tree roots.

Table cloth table

skeletal plates #skeleton #skull #bones

Zombie Nesting Dolls - I want these!



I'm obsessed with these candle holders! On the must have list!

Triceratops Corn Cob Holder

Will’s Presentation Skulls Mug

Wreath made from styrofoam Dollar Store skeleton