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Day 30 | Friend | School friend Nikki

Day 29 | Soft | Sofitel Wentworth Hotel

Day 28 | On the shelf | There are a few police officers in my workplace and one of them gave these koala police to one of the admin workers. People keep putting them in compromising positions!!

Day 27 | Bathroom |

Day 26 | Where I shop | The social club fund-raising chocolate supply at work. Though I find I'm able to resist it! Thankfully!

Day 25 | Something cute | My fave gym instructor (takes my Zumba class) She is SO much fun!


Day 24 | On my mind | I'm off to a blogging conference next weekend, so thinking about what I'm gonna wear!

Day 22 | From a high angle | View from my 3rd level verandah

Day 21 | Where I slept |

Day 20 | Fave photo I've ever taken| Going to a meeting in Inhasorro in Mozambique circa 1995

Day 19 | Imperfect | Me... I know, I know; you're shocked. But it's true. I am not - indeed - perfect!

Day 18 | Something you may not know about me | I love wallhangings. I bought this one in Zimbabwe.

Day 17 | In my bag | Gym stuff in backpack ready for work tomorrow.

Day 16 | Out & About | Some of my morning's outings: library, post office, bottle shop, DVDs, groceries, bottle shop again (chasing a special!)

Day 15 | Yellow | I'm making mashed potatoes for dinner tonight. Perfect for a winter's evening.

Day 14 | Time | My commute time. Tedious but allows for Facebooking and Tweeting! Not sure multiple photos are 'allowed' but I sometimes have trouble choosing... esp if they're all pretty crappy!

Day 13 | Art | Artwork by my niece when she was a youngster

Day 12 | From a low angle Came home from work sick today, so housebound... These are the stairs between my 2nd & 3rd floors!

Day 11 | Door | Crappy weather outside mine means I'm doing this!

Day 10 | The best (most important) bit of my weekend | Service for organ donors, recipients and their families and friends

Day 9 | My view today | A bit of a collage from my verandah

Day 8 | Six o'clock| Photo-a-day June My world clocks on my iPhone... the usual (US & UK), plus NZ where my bestie lives (though her city isn't included!) and my hometown, Brisbane!

Day 7 | Drink And my 4-day weekend commences!

Day 6 | Hat |