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  • Hava Gyro

    James Dean. I love a boy in glasses.

  • Ottica Oliva

    James dean has the best glasses: pantos! You can find it at Ottica oliva. For information shipping +39 347 7254469 (whatsapp) #otticaoliva #jamesdean #glasses #eyewear #pantos #vintage #shipping #jamesdean

  • Kelly Knight

    James Dean never goes out of style. Especially in those glasses.

  • Sonia Roosen

    One of my all time favorite people. Super awesome that we share a birthday Feb 8. Happy Birthday Jimmy Dean

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James Dean - what a huge talent. Jimmy left us way too soon. I have often wondered -had he lived what a huge line of work he would have. He is forever young. RIP Jimmy. : (

James Dean.... there are too many good ones, I can't resist... especially with the glasses...

james dean and his adorable sad face in some strange, 16th-century Netherlandish painting setting.

I've seen this picture so many times, but every time I see it, to me it always looks like he's taking a selfie. I know he's not, but my eyes always fail to see his forearm and go straight to his bicep where it looks like it's being cut off due to the selfie pose he seems to be doing. Once I see it, I can't unsee it. It's a great illusion.

James Dean-most people think that his car accident was alchohol related. If you actually read the coroner's report, the cause was an embelism in his brain. The way I understood it was , he essentially had a clot in his body his whole life, it worked into his brain and he lost control of his car when it happened. Not a rebel without a cause. Just a rebel with health problems.

Blue jeans, white shirt... Walked into the room you know you made my eyes burn. It was like, James Dean, for sure. You're so fresh to death & sick as cancer. You were sorta punk rock, I grew up on hip hop. But you fit me better than my favourite sweater and I know. That love is mean, and love hurts. But I still remember that day we met in December.

There is nothing like a visit to my old school Italian barber who shaves the back of my neck with a straight razor, after applying hot shaving cream.

got a little itch there? Come over here and let me itch it for you. Actually, let me itch ALL of that for you

Dressing up as James Dean for Halloween wouldn't be much of a Costume b/c i basically pretend to be him on a Daily basis...