A mother created this phenomenal Book of Mormon study guide for her 11-yr-old son, although it is amazing for any age.

Book of Mormon Heroes

A list of all the scriptures relating to the women in the Book of Mormon. I took a moment and looked through her blog... AMAZING is the only thing I can say. I can't wait to use this while doing my personal study and to teach to my daughters and Young Women!!

What an incredible visual reminder to the real power and protection of scripture study!

Heroes of the Book of Mormon poster. I LOVE these SO much!

Dude, Don't Be a Lemuel: A Teenage Guide to Avoiding Lemuelitis

LDS Notebooking: Free Book of Mormon Character Study Notebooking Pages

patriachal blessing study guide

Book of Mormon characters: pictures and bios. All images are FREE for non-commercial use!!! Awesome!

Book Of Mormon - Silver #Book-Of-Mormon---Silver

Book Of Mormon Lands | Hazbineldar: Updated Book of Mormon Map

LDS Scripture Literacy: Printable Book Guides for the Book of Mormon

Book of Mormon Characters 4 x 6 photo cards These are 79 different characters you will find in the Book of Mormon.

this page has the proclamation broken down into activities

Book of Mormon Food Ideas {free printables}

Mormon Light: Breaking Down The Sacrament Prayers -would be awesome as a FHE or Sunday School lesson plan guide

Why do we need the Book Of Mormon -

"They Did Not Doubt" by Joseph F. Brickey. In the Book of Mormon, soldiers find strength in their faith in Jesus Christ. The soldiers credit their mothers for teaching them about Christ and having faith and hope.

How to Pray by President Uchtdorf. I like this. It's very sweet. :)


get more from the scriptures... This site is awesome! excited to have found it.