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This is almost as bad...or Mr. MacFarlane's jab at John Wilkes Boothe during the Oscars. But how I love you, Lincoln. This is with all due respect


How chemists do it…

how chemists do it...not a chemist, but my nerd love for [trying my damnest to always understand] science wants this!


Science Humor…

This is just amazing. I love whoever came up with this lol

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25 Stunning Sculptures Made From Recycled Toys

The Australian artist makes portraits assembled from discarded toys and plastic parts. AWESOMELY WEIRD!!

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30 Punny Valentines For Everyone You Love

30 Punny Valentines For Everyone You Love: Charles Darwin

That doesn't spell... oh, right, clever potassium! I should be a science genious. I actually got this. Haha.

Life on a microscope slide. "Argg! Look out everyone! Here comes a cover slide!" #nerd #geek #joke

Well, then I am happily moving little bacteria into their dream homes every single day. :)