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ADV5 Trackspec 3 Piece Forged Brushed Gunmetal face with Polished step lip


ADV5SL Superlight 3 Piece Forged Wheel in Brushed Matte Titanium with Brushed Matte gunmetal step lip

ADV5 Standard Concave 3 Piece Forged Wheel with Brushed Face and Polished Lip

The Forgeline GX3 is normally a stepped lip Performance Series wheel, but we can also make the GX3 with a flat reverse lip in 18 and 19 inch diameters (thus known as the GX3P). This gorgeous example is finished with a Transparent Smoke center, Polished outer, and Gloss Black inner. Learn more about the GX3 at: http://www.forgeline.com/products/performance-series-step-lip/gx3-17-18-19-20.html

B-Star forged 3 piece wheels are designed and made in England to the highest quality standards. Not only are they well made they are well de...

350z stance

Aston Martin DBC

ADV5 Trackspec 3 Piece Forged wheel in Full Polished with Step Lip

ADV5 Trackspec 3 Piece Forged Wheel with Brushed face, Polished step lip and gloss gunmetal rear barrel

GrUpErT aWeSoMe./

ADV5 Standard Concave 3 Piece Forged Wheel in Brushed Gunmetal clear face, Brushed clear center cap and inner barrel, and chrome front lip

ROTIFORM LHR - step lip, concave, hidden hardware.

Rotiform LHR - flat profile, step lip, exposed hardware, brushed lip w/ satin ceramic clear and ceramic charcoal center & bolts

A rolling work of art. The GW3 with the Gold powder coat finish on the center and inner combined with a Polished outer. Learn more at: http://www.forgeline.com/products/performance-series-step-lip/gw3-17-18-19-20.html

Ever wonder what you'd get, if you took the design of our GA1R one piece monoblock and turned it into a concave three piece wheel with a deep outer lip? This is it. May we introduce to you our new GA3C Concave. See more (including sizes and pricing) at: http://www.forgeline.com/products/concave-series/concave-reverse/ga3c-concave.html #WheelWednesday #Forgeline #GA3C #notjustanotherprettywheel #madeinUSA

Put some bbs wheels on your car, that will be great ;)

SCOOTER ONE : RWB ‹ Hellaflush™ // Since 2003

BS forged 3 piece wheel

This Forgeline RB3C Concave center lock features a Satin Black center, Transparent Smoke outer (with this gorgeous deep lip), and the exposed hardware option. Learn more about the RB3C at: http://www.forgeline.com/products/concave-series/rb3c-concave.html

Avant Garde Wheels @agwheels new take on one of our copper finishes. Brushed Copper Plated center and Copper Plated lip. the penny multi spoke 10