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Baby Hedgehogs


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  • Miranda Coffey

    Baby Hedgehog. So cute for class pet! Oh my goodness!!

  • Krystle Hitchens

    Baby Hedgehog, I love you...Ashley Brealey thought of you when i saw this adorable critter!!!

  • Rachel Osborne

    baby porcupine *** This is a baby hedgehog (with very large ears) So cute!!!

  • Neva Walker

    baby hedgehog #cute baby Animals #Baby Animals

  • Kika I

    samaralex: My boss tried to shoot holes in my hedgehog dreams, saying they looked like horrible little creatures. Looks like someone is going to wake up to an email filled with adorable hedgehog pictures. Every day requires at least one cute, baby hedgehog.

  • Laura Cook

    Very cute baby Hedgehog! OMG! They are so cute!

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OK - i KNOW this isn't a puppy...but SOOO cute!! :)

Not that we'll ever see it, but I hope there are corgi pups somewhere in the palace so that Prince George can have pics like this!

Gonna buy myself a hedgehog this weekend :)

omg a hedgehog, my sister use to own these lil guys! they are so cute, and watching them swim in your bathtub is hilariously adorable! i want one!

I just got my 560th follower!!!! So close to 1k! No, not really. Hannah _:) THANK YOU, HANNAH!!!

Siili Siilin karvat ovat muuttuneet suojaaviksi piikeiksi, jos siili kokee itsensä ahdistetuksi hän käpertyy piikkipalloksi.

Baby Hedgehog by beyts_p, via Flickr ♥