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  • Amanda Farmer

    Bodyrocktv 30 Day Challenge

  • Gretchen Rieder

    sick abs. 30 day challenge

  • Dara Martin

    Looks like a great website with some great workout videos

  • Tahlor Conover

    30 day challenge, only 12-15 minute workouts 5 days a week I love BodyRock TV!

  • V_kolman

    Body Rock Work Outs

  • Cassandra Cannon | LAKE

    I'll take her abs....20 min workout videos

  • Giovanna Mattiello

    Fantastic resource for anyone looking for quick, hard work outs that you can do at home with little equipment. I'm 3weeks and 2 days into this 30 day challenge - and I love it!!! | Fitness Advice, Workout Videos, Health & Fitness |

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Day 3, part 1, of the 30 day challenge!! This one was a bit complicated, so I wrote each exercise down first. I use a free on-line interval timer:

Body Rock! Try the 30 Day Challenge: only 7 to 12 minute workouts, 5 days a week: For those who are seriously trying to loose weight

"30 days has September..." - This little ditty just got tough - to celebrate a month lacking a 31st day, let's take on another 30 Day Fitness Challenge. Can work for any month

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Such a great way to getting into exercising! Love how it builds up every day! :)

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30 day challenge- see what changes - This takes minutes to do right before I go to bed. It takes nearly NO SPACE. I can do all these exercises in the space between my wall and bed. The only thing I don't do is the jumping jacks. I figure gravity is doing a really good job on it's own and I don't need to help it out by jumping up and down. These are all back to basics exercises.

7 day bootie challenge, I might have to try this!