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or for your students! Expect much, receive much and the student is all the better for it!



This is really true. You don't have to lower yourself. People who want to be in your life will.

Single On Valentine's Day Quotes | day for singles saint valentines day also known as valentines day ...

stupid people need to grow Up. let's go run our mouths to someone who doesnt need to know a damn thing just because you know something. for real you're so fucking fake no wonder you have zero friends you piece of shit. i feel better now. (I dont know who wrote that, but good work)

inspirational quotes about divorce | This One’s for the Single-Minded Divorcee

Yes I should have thrown in the towel weeks ago. But when you love someone so much,, you just hope they turn their fucking stupid brain on and think clearly and realize they are part of the problem and decide they want to fix it and be with you and ONLY YOU !!!!!!!