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Heidi Lerkenfeldt:::Lifestyle |

fran silvestre arquitectos: house on the cliff | designboom

Exposed brick and wooden beam bedroom.

simple shelves Idea

Multi-level apartment by Peter Kostelov

Wall color and bedding! - waking up from this! Id be fresh the whole day! #bedroom

she would love this too! loves cushions like crazy!! #bedroom

loving the archaic feel to it! #Loft

yoh!!! this desk! *hands on face*

Photo: #Lofts : another one for the bachelor!

Photo: #Lofts : this has to be one of my favourites

looks like a basement a bit...I like it

Photo: #Lofts : tha bedroom looks like a hiding place hai khona!

Photo: #Lofts : Life of a bachelor!!!

Photo: #Lofts : you actually don't need to do anything to your wall! hahaha cheaper option right here

Photo: #Lofts : House like village! love the wall to wall window

Photo: #Lofts : take a very close look, look at the knob on those cupboards!

Photo: #Lofts : watch the skies, watch the rain and watch the stars! let in the sunshine!! beauty!

Photo: #Lofts : Now! what a living room! heard that? LIVING!

Photo: #Lofts : nice one for a single girl

Photo: #Lofts : would you live here?

Photo: #Lofts : ok on this one, with the office just there, dont think I would be productive

Photo: #Lofts : a piece of paradise..what do you think?

Classical space, this is heaven #Lofts

Great shelves for bachelor days