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10,000 Egyptian protesters force police to retreat over bridge. 28TH jan 2011

"she took the midnight night train going anywhere" -DON'T STOP BELIEVING | Journey.

Syria anti-government vigil, May 21 2011 Source: beyondcloudnine #photography #revolution #arab spring #arab #children #kids

Anti-surveillance activists turn smashing CCTV cameras into a competitive game - CAMOVER

As era-defining photographs go, "Migrant Mother" pretty much takes the cake. For many, Florence Owens Thompson is the face of the Great Depression, thanks to legendary shutterbug Dorothea Lange. Lange captured the image while visiting a dusty California pea-pickers’ camp in February 1936, and in doing so, captured the resilience of a proud nation facing desperate times. Unbelievably, Thompson’s story is as compelling as her portrait. Just 32 years old when Lange approached her ("as if…